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    Frequently Asked Questions

Trade In Motorcycle Basics

Even if you love your current motorcycle, there may come a time in your life when it's no longer meeting all of your needs. Whether you've just learned how to ride and you're ready to upgrade to a larger engine or are planning to head out on a cross-country motorcycle tour and need to trade in a street bike for a touring bike, trading in your motorcycle for a new one is the best possible solution.

When you exchange a trade in motorcycle for a new one, you won't have to worry about posting ads, screening buyers, or negotiating a private sale. Instead, you can trust the American Motorcycle Trading Co. to make the trade in process simple and straightforward.

How to Value Your Trade In Motorcycle

Thinking to yourself, "I want to trade my motorcycle for a new one, but how will I know I'm getting the best deal?" If so, don't worry. Valuing your trade in motorcycle is easier than you might think. Before heading to the dealership, you can do some research on sites like Kelly Blue Book and Edmunds to see what similar used bikes are worth.

Alternatively, you can use a trade in value calculator to see what you'll get when you exchange your trade in motorcycle for a new motorcycle. Just keep in mind that trade in motorcycle values vary based on factors such as:

•Mechanical condition

•Added features

•Exterior and interior condition


•Market landscape

•And others

Use what you find online as a broad estimate. Don't assume your bike is worth the exact same amount as another one from the same model year.

How to Trade Your Motorcycle

Once you've done some research, it's time to get your trade in motorcycle appraised. Bring it in to the American Motorcycle Trading Co. so that an expert can examine the bike's condition and determine what it's really worth. To ensure a fair appraisal, bring a print-out of the trade in estimates obtained during your research.

After a motorcycle expert examines the bike, he or she will make an offer. You can accept the offer, reject it, or try to negotiate. Just keep in mind that the experts at the American Motorcycle Trading Co. pride themselves on their fairness and go out of the way to make the trade in process as simple and transparent as possible. If it seems like you don't have much wiggle room in negotiations, it's because you've already received a fair offer.

Eliminate the Hassles of Selling Used Motorcycles

The alternative to trading in your motorcycle is to sell it, then use the money to finance the purchase of a new bike. Unfortunately, selling a motorcycle on your own can be more of a hassle than you might expect. You'll have to fix up your bike, take pictures and post ads, find a qualified buyer, arrange a showing, and negotiate a fair offer, all while protecting you and your motorcycle's safety. A Harley Davidson trade in avoids all of those hassles and allows you to have the value of your bike credited towards a new purchase.

Understanding the American Motorcycle Trading Co. Trade In Process

Even if you're not sure whether you should trade in your motorcycle, you can turn to us for a free evaluation. One of our expert technicians will carefully evaluate the bike before making an offer. You don't have to accept it. Whether you decide to follow through on a Harley trade in or not, we'll still give you a copy of the appraisal for your future use.

One of the things that set the American Motorcycle Trading Co. apart is that while we only operate in-person from our Dallas/Fort Worth dealership, we can take trade in motorcycles from across the country. If you want to trade in your bike and you live outside of the Dallas/Fort Worth area, we can make arrangements to have it picked up and shipped to us. We'll then verify its condition when it arrives and we receive the title, then credit the money to your account so that you can pay less for your new bike.

It doesn't matter whether you trade in your motorcycle locally or from another state. You can always rest assured that your bike and your financial information will be safe. We guarantee fair prices and can even handle title transfers and lien payoffs for riders who accept our trade in offers.

How to Get Started

Ready to exchange your trade in motorcycle for a brand new, or new-to-you, Harley? Getting the ball rolling is as easy as filling out a contact form and offering us some basic information about your motorcycle. To give you a fair and accurate quote, we'll need to know the bike's VIN number and some details about what kind of condition it's in.

Once we've received that information, we'll send you an email that contains an initial written offer. If you accept it, the transaction process can begin. You're also free to negotiate as you see fit. After you accept the offer, we can usually have the deal finalized within a day. We'll handle all the paperwork for you and can even come to pick up the bike for free if you're local to the area.

Why Trade In Your Motorcycle With Us?

The American Motorcycle Trading Co. always makes fair offers. As the Dallas/Fort Worth area's premier Harley Davidson dealership, we have a reputation to maintain. When you work with us, you won't have to worry about unnecessary hassles, nor will there be any hidden costs and fees or unexpected roadblocks.

Get the Bike of Your Dreams

Trying to sell a bike and buy a new one via private sales is incredibly stressful, and you're unlikely to wind up getting a good deal. When you trade in your motorcycle through our dealership, you can rest easy knowing that we've made a fair offer. Plus, you'll have access to our full inventory when it comes time to choose a new motorcycle. If you don't see what you want immediately, just talk to one of our sales representatives and we'll help you find the motorcycle of your dreams.