General FAQ's

Will you ship a bike that I purchase?
Absolutely yes! We ship bikes all over the United States. Take a look at our most recent shipping rates on our shipping page.
I live in California, can I buy your motorcycle?
The answer is that it depends. All motorcycles without current California registration are required to have at least 7500 miles. If a bike has over 7500 miles, and you are in California, bid with confidence. If the bike has less than 7500 miles, don’t give up! Give us a call at 888-400-1151. It is always possible that the bike you are looking at has a California title or is California certified with a 50 state emissions sticker.
Is there a clean title?
Yes! We only sell motorcycles with clean and clear titles. We will never offer a title with known salvage, theft, or total loss history.
Do you take trade ins?
We take all types of trade ins. Trading in your car, truck, boat, or RV is not only a convenient way to pay for your new motorcycle, there are also significant tax savings. Call us for details.
Will you buy my motorcycle?
Yes! We are one of the nation’s largest dealers and we pay top dollar for good used motorcycles. Please fill out our bike evaluation form for consideration.
What is your warranty?
While our store offers no warranty on any bike that we sell, we do offer a comprehensive extended warranty that our customers really appreciate. On our certified pre-owned bikes we offer a 20% discount on warranties at the time of purchase.
Do you offer financing?
We offer transparent, easy financing for motorcycle purchases with some of the best rates in the industry.
What is the interest rate I will pay?
There is no good answer here. Rate is determined by a variety of factors including: ratio of debt to income, size of your down payment, age and quality of the motorcycle, and the length of your loan. No dealership can accurately quote interest rate without detailed information about an individual transaction. Generally speaking rates vary from the low single digits to well over ten percent. Fill out an a online credit application and one of our specialist will get you an accurate quote on your loan terms.
If I win the auction, am I guaranteed the motorcycle?
Generally yes. There are rare instances where a motorcycle sell in our brick and mortar showroom almost simultaneously with a person hitting a “buy it now.” In these instances, we will promptly issue a refund to the auction winner or apply your down payment to any other motorcycle of your choosing.
How long do I have to pay for an item?
From the time an auction ends, you have seven calendar days to make payment in full.