Top 10 Apps for Motorcyclists

Jake Robison - July 30, 2022


Riding, like most things in life today, is evolving. Bikers can now choose bikes built for performance, comfort, or a combination of the two, and modern motorcycles are ready to challenge even the toughest trips. To get the most out of your next trip, it’s a good idea to explore the 10 top apps for bikers and download the ones that fit your riding style and needs.


Of course, there are countless apps available, and some merit more attention than others. With a few of the best apps not costing a dime, there is little risk in opting to download and try new options. Even the bike apps that are not free should be considered, as they offer features not found in most free options. Here are just a few apps bikers are encouraged to review and download.


1.) Harley-Davidson and H-D Connect. Harley riders tend to stick together. They love rides with other Harley owners and plan their vacations around major events. These two apps allow Harley riders to plan trips, discover new riding adventure options, and even monitor your bike when you’re not on it. These are must apps for Harley riders and should always be the first ones downloaded.


2.) Waze. Car owners know the value of Waze and its many features designed to make trips smoother and easier. Bike riders also benefit from the site’s community-based traffic and navigation options that just plain make life simpler. Even if you don’t use Waze all the time, it’s incredibly valuable when you’re trying to navigate major cities, especially during peak travel times.


3.) Eat Sleep Ride. The basic version of Eat Sleep Ride is free and offers riders a number of worthwhile features. The GPS feature alone is certainly a benefit, but there are special functions available that allow riders to discover new routes, create private groups, and track their rides. A subscription option adds other features, including CRASHLIGHT, that tracks emergency situations. If you’re a solo rider, consider moving up to the paid version for extra safety while you’re on the road.


4.) Autosist. While not designed specifically for motorcyclists, Autosist helps riders keep track of a variety of data that simplifies tracking service intervals, payment due dates, fuel costs, and lots of other data in one spot. The app allows riders to scan receipts and other documents while on the road to track expenses and other important information. Accessing the information later is straightforward, meaning even riders who hate keeping records can track how much they’re spending and where they’ve spent it.


5.) Camp and RV. This app isn’t free, but spending the $9.99 makes a lot of sense for riders who plan to camp during their trips. If you’re in need of a camping space for the night, the app makes finding local sites simple. While you might not be interested in camping out at Walmart, like some RV owners do, the app allows users to filter the information provided to focus on camping sites that are more appropriate for bikers.

6.) GasBuddy. Even though your bike may get pretty good mileage, riders still need to fill up quite frequently. In some parts of the country there are gas stations everywhere, but that’s not true in many more rural parts of the nation. When the gas gauge starts bouncing off empty, it’s important to find a gas station quickly. GasBuddy helps riders find the closest gas stations and, in some cases, highlights ones that provide hefty discounts. Give it a try, especially if you’ll be riding in areas where gas stations are few and far between.


7.) Dark Sky. Countless rides are ruined when the weather changes from sunny skies and warm temperatures to cold and rainy. Dark Sky is the premier app for riders who are more comfortable when they can track the weather and get virtually instantaneous updates from the site. When you’re close to home and not in a big hurry, tracking the weather might not be as important, but if you’re on a trip, knowing when conditions are changing is incredibly important. Make sure you’ve got a solid weather app like Dark Sky to track evolving conditions during your rides. Dark Sky isn’t free, but at $3.99 it’s a solid investment for riders everywhere.


8.) Best Biking Roads. If you’re looking for a basic GPS system, there are lots of apps available. However, if you’re looking for an app designed to help riders find the best biking routes based on your riding preferences, check out Best Biking Roads. Users also report loving the interface, which is another definite plus. The cost is $4.00, and that’s a small price to pay for finding new routes that provide exciting challenges and unending fun.


9.) Cycle Trader. Whether you’re shopping for a new bike or have one you’d like to sell, Cycle Trader is a free app to consider. While riders looking for a reliable ride may want to stick to dealers for the best options, there are certainly times when buying directly from an owner or selling a used bike you currently own might be easier. Checking out bikes on Cycle Trader also makes it easier to see what types of bikes are in your price range. That makes visiting a local motorcycle dealer more comfortable, as you’ll be better prepared for buying your next bike.


10.) BikerSOS. While no one wants to contemplate a crash, it’s always a good idea to be prepared for the worst. While other apps add crash detection features, BikerSOS is designed from the ground up to keep you safe on the roads. The basic app is free, but some features will come at a small price. For your and your loved ones’ peace of mind, install and use an app like BikerSOS.


Those ten apps make riding easier and safer for bikers everywhere. Even if you don’t use every one of them, the options recommended here can be installed as needed to meet your riding needs.




Jake Robison


Jake Robison has operated powersports dealerships since 2003.  With an extensive background in the motorcycle industry including sales, service, parts, finance, management and powersports training, he covers all things motorcycles and enjoys sharing valuable information to newcomers on two-wheels

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