Best Motorcycle Upgrades to Consider

American Motorcycle Trading Co. - May 19, 2021

Spring is upon us, and the open road calls everybody fortunate enough to own a road-worthy bike. Sales are brisk at this time of year, and everyone is anxious to plan their summer rides. One way to save money over purchasing the next model up of the bike you love is to consider some of the following upgrades. Aftermarket upgrades provide you the customization you want at a price your bank account appreciates. Ten of the best motorcycle upgrades to consider are listed below.


Better Tires


The right tires make all the difference to a motorcycle's ride, stability, traction, and safety. Ideally, the tires on a bike should be designed for the type of terrain they'll have to cover. Cruiser or touring tires will have stiffer sidewalls and deeper tread to support the heavier bike. Lighter-weight sport bike or high-performance street bike tires will be lighter and designed to grip the road when rounding tight corners. Regardless of the style of bike or purpose for which it is intended, bike tires should provide reliable traction in wet weather. Tire quality impacts safety, ride quality, and ease of handling.  


Bigger Mirrors


Many bike owners seem to have a complaint that their stock mirrors vibrate when they get up to highway speed. Others are at the wrong height for the driver, lack durability, or offer a restricted degree of the rearview. Aftermarket mirrors provide choices that were initially unavailable. Making such selections aftermarket makes it possible to ensure the mirror is suited to the bike's primary driver. It should provide an optimal range of vision, thereby helping the driver stay safe. Bar-end mirrors typically give the most expansive field of view. Many sport bike enthusiasts prefer the unique appearance of fairing-mounted mirrors.


Turn Signals 


While technically speaking, the turn signals that came with your bike are perfectly adequate, safety gear experts all point out that the best turn signals are the ones people see. Therefore, it is arguable that all motorcyclists would do well to switch their bikes to run LED lights, which are brighter, more visible, and longer-lasting than the lights the bike came equipped with. Some bike owners like the streamlined look that flush aftermarket turn signals give their rides. Custom turn signals add interest regular bikes lack.


Brake Pads


Not every motorcyclist is a mechanic, so if you didn't know that you have options other than the brake pads that come stock-issued with your bike, you're to be forgiven. Regardless of one's expertise as a motorcycle mechanic, it is easy to tell when your bike needs new pads by the way it squeaks and squeals. You'll want your brake pads to perform to perfection whether the weather is wet or dry. Not all brake pads are the same, and this is an area where "you get what you pay for" tends to apply. Look for quality, organic brakes that won't overheat and reliably supply the precise stopping power you need.


Customized Suspension


Of all the modifications someone might want to make to upgrade their motorcycle, a custom suspension system might be the one that provides the most bang for the buck in the long run. You'll want to adjust the bike's suspension system to correspond with the overall bulk and weight of the person riding it. The rebound, compression, and sag settings should be precisely set by a knowledgeable mechanic. The correct suspension system, properly adjusted, improves the entire bike's performance and, in particular, responsiveness to you, the driver.


Upgraded Windshield


An upgraded windshield might be one of the most excellent motorcycle upgrades available, mainly when speaking in terms of personal comfort. What could be better than having a nice wrap-around windbreak the next time you're at highway speed, and a bug storm appears? Not only does the right windshield protect your helmet and clothes, but when properly installed, it helps to direct airflow around the bike and affects drag and mileage. Consider the advantages offered by a tinted windscreen if you often bike in sunny areas.


Performance Air Filter


Improve your bike's performance with a performance air filter. So long as it is clean, the more air that reaches your motorcycle's engine, the better. After all, motorcycles need to breathe, too. Sometimes a sluggish bike responds like it is new again after receiving an air filter upgrade. Aftermarket air filters make a worthwhile investment in the long-term health of your bike. Best of all, they last for thousands of miles. Don't settle for using a paper filter for your motorcycle when many better options are readily available.


Lighter Battery


Not all motorcycle batteries are the same. The standard battery, the lead-acid battery, uses reliable technology that has been around for well over a hundred years. The newer option is the lithium battery, which weighs considerably less than led acid batteries. Neither do lithium batteries contain lead, which is environmentally hazardous, or acid, which is a corrosive substance. Additionally, lithium batteries charge faster, provide more consistent output, and perform better than led acid batteries in warm to hot environments.


Tire-Pressure Monitoring System


An on-demand tire-pressure monitoring system is the one aftermarket add-on that every motorcyclist should consider. Tire pressure is key to motorcycle performance, and what better way to always know what your tire pressure is than by having a monitoring system installed? Always know your tire pressure. Overinflated tires are prone to blowouts and bouncy rides, while underinflated tires drag on the road and make bikes challenging to control. The right tire-pressure monitoring system will keep you informed with tire pressure information at all times.


Thankfully, it doesn't take a lot of time, money, or effort to make your bike better than it was on the day that it rolled brand new off of the showroom floor. Save money that you'd otherwise spend making payments on a new machine by investing in the best motorcycle upgrades for the bike you have. Choose the improvements that your intuition and research tell you will make your ride safer and more comfortable. Then, watch your overall enjoyment factor skyrocket.

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