Basic Info

Mileage 30,026
VIN JS1GX72A082110811
Stock # SUZ110811


30026 Miles
Matte Black
Drive Mode Selector
Inverted Telescopic, Coil Spring Front Fork
In-Line Four, Four-Stroke DOHC

With 197 horsepower on tap, the Hyabusa has always been it's own competitor. The powerhouse has always been a stand alone bike. Some are intimidated by the weight, some by the power. The true beauty of these bikes would be the handle prowess. Weight + Power usually equals terrible handling. Not in this case. Acceleration is also very smooth, which you wouldn't think from a bike of this caliber. This bike sticks to the ground and can handle whatever challenges you want to put it through. Feel free to give us a call and you can make this yours!

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