Motorcycle Sales

If you’re the Sales machine that American Motorcycle is relentlessly hunting, there’s a fire in your soul to win every opportunity. A restless pursuit to dominate the leaderboard fuels your flame.

AMTC is on a mission to join up with the right Sales Professionals who like to work hard and play hard. The persuasive individuals that wake up with a positive outlook and can back up their swagger with accountability will make serious bank.

If greed is your motivation, don’t waste your time. We pay big bucks to our sales professionals because they do it for the right reasons. Assisting our customers in a professional and transparent manner comes first. If this is just a stepping stone, keep on moving, there’s no place under our roof for you. Sacrificing our winning culture is not in our game plan. We’re looking for champions who dream big, think long and have their house in order.

Even if you don’t have motorcycle sales experience, don’t let that slow you down. We’ll bring you up to speed and put you on a pay plan that pays out. If you have experience, expect to step it up a notch. We’ll reward your effort handsomely.


A background in sales or a passion for motorcycling is preferred, however, if you possess the following ten characteristics you will be successful here.

Positive Attitude

Strong Work Ethic







Fast Pace

Outgoing Personality