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American Motorcycle Trading Co. - April 16, 2021

Men and women the world over love traveling the open road on a motorcycle. They enjoy the feel of the fresh air and the places they can explore. However, when the time comes to move, they worry about transporting their bike from one location to another. They may find they cannot ride the bike the entire way, and the bike might weigh too much to put in the moving truck.

This doesn’t even consider the space the bike would occupy in the truck. Towing remains an option, but the owner might worry about the bike being stolen or damaged. For this reason, they need to look into other options. How do you ship a motorcycle across the country?

Motorcycle shipping provides a way for owners to transport their beloved bike from one location to another with little concern about damage or theft. Individuals who have used this type of service found there was no hassle associated with relocating the bike. Additionally, men and women who sell their bike find a motorcycle shipping service allows them to transfer the bike to the new owner with ease. What do individuals need to know when shipping a motorcycle? How does motorcycle shipping work?

Preparing the Bike for Transport

Owners need to prepare their bikes for the journey. Complete this step before the carrier takes possession of the bike. These small steps help to protect the motorcycle during the journey and ease the process for all parties involved.

Speak with the carrier about requirements regarding gas and how much should be present in the tank. When getting quotes from carriers, share information regarding whether the bike remains operational. Unlock the forks and disable alarms before the transfer. This ensures the carrier doesn’t run into issues as they move the bike. Finally, check the air in the tires to ensure it is adequate.

Ask each carrier if they have additional instructions regarding preparing the bike as well. Do the same if you plan to sell us your motorcycle. The team is happy to share this information with you to ensure the bike arrives at its destination in excellent condition.

How Does Motorcycle Shipping Work?

People have questions when they need to move a bike. How do you ship a motorcycle across the country? How long does it take to ship a motorcycle? What options are available with this service?

The first step in shipping a motorcycle involves deciding which type of trailer will carry out the job. Some owners prefer an enclosed trailer as it offers more protection for the bike. However, open trailers cost significantly less, and the owner needs to consider this.

Once the owner determines the type of trailer they want to be used for this purpose, they need to get quotes from multiple motorcycle or auto shipping companies. When comparing quotes from different providers, learn what they include in the price. Will they take the motorcycle door to door, or will the owner need to pick it up at a specified location? What type of trailer will they use? Learn whether they crate the bike, and how they will secure the bike at various points in the journey. Finally, how long does it take to ship a motorcycle? The answer to these questions may determine which options the owner selects.

Choose a provider and schedule a date for the move to take place. This ensures the carrier has room for the bike on the desired date. How long does it take to ship a motorcycle? The process takes four to six weeks to complete, so plan on being without the bike for this period.

Document the current condition of the bike. Make a written record of any physical damage to the bike before the carrier picks it up. In addition, do a video recording of the bike capturing all parts. This ensures any damage that occurs while the bike is being transported becomes the responsibility of the carrier to fix.

Prepare the bike for shipping. Most carriers don’t require the owner to empty the gas tank or disconnect the battery. However, check with the selected carrier to learn their requirements. Close the tour packs or saddlebags and ensure they will remain secured. Leave no personal property on the motorcycle when having it shipped.

Consider investing in additional insurance. Most shippers provide coverage, but the owner might find this isn’t enough to cover the total value of the bike.

Meet the carrier and transfer the bike to their custody. Some carriers allow the owner to bring the bike to their depot. Ask if this option remains available.

Upon completion of the journey, meet the carrier to take possession of the bike. Inspect the bike with the representative of the carrier to ensure there is no damage. If you find any damage, immediately file an insurance claim. Make certain you bring the keys when picking up the bike or ship them to the person picking up the bike.

The Cost of Shipping a Motorcycle

Individuals want to know how much it costs to ship a motorcycle. This depends on several factors, including the location and ease of access from major highways, the type of trailer selected, and the type of bike. Expect to pay a few hundred dollars if the distance is less than 1,000 miles. The cost goes up if the carrier must transport the motorcycle longer distances. Ask about additional fees the carrier assesses, such as supplemental insurance costs, crating fees, and more.

Shipping a motorcycle serves as a viable alternative when an owner needs to transport the bike long distances. How do you ship a motorcycle across the country? Get multiple quotes to find the best service, ensuring the carrier will properly care for the bike throughout the process. Now is not the time to save money. Quality and reputation need to play a large role in which carrier the owner selects. Follow the above steps once you select a carrier and the process will run smoothly from start to finish.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of shipping a motorcycle?

Expect to pay a few hundred dollars for moves less than 1,000 miles. Longer moves cost more, often starting in the $450 to $500 range.

How does motorcycle shipping work?

Carriers transport motorcycles in either open or enclosed trailers. The owner schedules pickup and delivery of the bike, and the carrier handles the rest.

What is the cost of shipping a motorcycle overseas?

Speak with the carrier to learn if they can ship the bike overseas. The fee increases, as they must pack the motorcycle before it embarks on the journey.

How long does it take to ship a motorcycle?

Anticipate the process taking four to six weeks.

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