Cars Aren't the Only Vehicle In Demand: Why NOW is the Right Time to Sell Your Motorcycle

Jake Robison - October 22, 2022

Whether you're upgrading your bike or simply making room in the garage, selling your motorcycle is one of the best ways to make some quick cash. Timing is everything, though, and selling at the right time can help you put more money in your pocket. Here, we'll explain why now is a good time to sell your Harley to us.

A Desire to Upgrade

Every rider has been there, and you're no exception. Your Harley is great, but there's still room to improve. If your current bike is getting the job done, but you want all the bells and whistles, now may be the right time to sell. Thankfully, Harley-Davidson still comes out with improved models each year, so it's easy to upgrade and maintain brand loyalty.

If you've got an eye on a new bike, we'll help you trade in your existing ride. Simply give us some basic information, including your Harley's VIN, and we'll take care of the rest. You'll get a quick and accurate valuation, which is based on the local market, our inventory needs, and other factors.

Lifestyle Changes

While a single-passenger Harley may have been fun in your young and single days, it might not fulfill your needs and fit your lifestyle today. At the American Motorcycle Trading Co., we make it easy to sell your motorcycle when it's time to move on to a vehicle that's roomy and family friendly.

Different Riding Styles

It's surprisingly common for bikers to change their riding styles. For instance, many riders start out with standard bikes. While they're a good choice for beginners, they're not the best for long trips. There are numerous reasons to switch to a different type of motorcycle: changing riding styles, different terrain, and gaining access to the newest features are all great motivations for a potential sale. If your current bike isn't meeting all your needs, it may be time to sell it and put the money toward something better.

Repairs Are Getting Expensive

Most bikers view their motorcycles as extensions of themselves, and the bond between bike and rider can be a strong one. While it can be hard to let go of a treasured companion, it's the right thing to do in some cases. If your bike has outdated features or it is in the shop more than it's on the road, selling now may be the best strategy.

Needing Quick Cash

Money is tight for a lot of people, but if you have a Harley, it's easy to turn it into quick cash. The American Motorcycle Trading Co. pays top dollar for high-quality motorcycles and selling to us is much easier than selling to a private citizen or posting an ad on an online marketplace. We don't have the overhead the dealerships do, so we can offer more for your bike. Get the cash you need by selling your Harley to us.

Avoiding Buyer Hassles

There are many reasons to sell your bike to us instead of using Craigslist or the local classifieds, with safety, money, and time being the most notable. We make it easy for riders to get the most cash for their Harleys, all without writing ads, returning calls, and holding showings. We're here to make the process a simple one!

High Mileage

While it's not the only consideration to make when selling a used Harley, it's important to keep mileage in mind if you're considering selling to finance an upgrade. High-mileage motorcycles aren't worth as much as comparable bikes with fewer miles. Therefore, if you've racked up the miles, it might be better to sell your bike now than to wait for it to depreciate.

It's Just Collecting Dust

Motorcycles are intended to be ridden and enjoyed, and if yours is just taking up space in the garage, now may be a good time to part with it. By selling your bike to us, you'll make some cash—and make another rider very happy. When riders sell their bikes to us, they also save on maintenance and insurance costs. We hope to see you on two wheels again soon, but if it's not part of your life right now, consider selling your bike to the pros at the American Motorcycle Trading Co.

It's a Seller's Market

As fuel prices continue to rise, motorcycles are becoming a main mode of transportation for many. Bikes, especially Harleys, are in demand right now, even as temperatures cool and fall approaches. Put your bike up for sale while the weather is still warm and reach thousands of potential buyers.

Which Factors Affect Motorcycle Resale Prices?

Motorcycle prices have risen over the past few years. However, resale values vary depending on several factors, including those outlined below.

  • Time of year. Motorcycles are affected by local climates and seasonal changes. The warmer it is outside, the more money you'll get for your bike; the colder it is, the less you'll get.
  • Model popularity. If your Harley is a sought-after model, there's no off-season. When a motorcycle model is in demand, it tends to hold its value all year.
  • New models coming out. Bikers tend to keep up with the times and staying up to date on new models will help you fetch a higher price no matter when you sell. When a new Harley comes out, the previous model's value will inevitably drop.
  • Local events. Local motorcycle-themed events, such as the Bike Week celebrations held in places like Daytona Beach, Florida and Sturgis, South Dakota, can also bring prices up for a limited time.

Once you've evaluated these factors, considered your riding plans, and decided what your next move will be, it will be easier to decide when to sell your motorcycle. When that day arrives, we hope to be your first call.

Tips for a Successful Sale

The decision to part with your motorcycle may be a difficult one, but in some cases, it's necessary. Selling a Harley for cash doesn't always mean accepting a low offer, though, and by following these tips, you'll get as much money as possible.

  • Know your bike. Sellers who can clearly communicate a bike's attributes are more likely to see success.
  • Be ready. When selling your Harley to us, you'll need the title, your license, and some other paperwork.
  • Give information on the bike's prior history. Whether you've maintained the bike yourself or at a shop, it's important to save receipts for parts and service.
  • Include miscellaneous items. When our transporter comes to pick up the bike, be sure to provide them with the owner's manual, spare parts, and extra keys, if applicable.
  • Consider selling extras separately. If your bike has all the bells and whistles—such as saddlebags and chrome add-ons—think about pricing these items separately.

Most importantly, sellers should have fun! We're here to make the selling experience as enjoyable as possible. Contact us online or call to get started.

Why Sell Your Harley to Us?

At the American Motorcycle Trading Co., we make it easy to sell your bike for quick cash. When you entrust your Harley to us, you'll:

  • Save time by dealing with professionals who are ready to buy
  • Enjoy a fast, easy sale
  • Avoid the hassles that come with private sales
  • Save time on shipping because we will pick your Harley up

At the American Motorcycle Trading Co., we make it easy and quick to sell your bike. We're always looking for clean, low-mileage Harleys to add to our selection, so get in touch with us today.

Count on Our Team for Fast, Friendly Service

Selling a motorcycle on the open market has its share of challenges, and we're here to make it easier. Instead of dealing with no-shows, tire kickers, and lowball offers, you'll get the benefit of our years of experience in the Harley-Davidson resale market. Eliminate the hassle of selling a motorcycle by leaving the hard work to us.

At the American Motorcycle Trading Co., it's our goal to make every sale as simple as possible. While we are in the greater Dallas/Fort Worth area, we are always on the lookout for low-mileage, high-quality bikes in other parts of the country.

If you're planning to sell your Harley, we'll work quickly to confirm the bike's condition, set a purchase price, arrange for pickup, and send payment. It's as easy as that! To submit your bike for consideration, enter your VIN for a cash offer, and someone will get back to you right away.

Now that you know how and when to sell your bike, it's time to get started. For additional information or to browse our selection of used bikes, click here or call the American Motorcycle Trading Co. Whether you're selling to finance an upgrade or just moving on, you can count on us to give you the highest possible price for your Harley. We look forward to doing business with you soon!



Jake Robison


Jake Robison has operated powersports dealerships since 2003.  With an extensive background in the motorcycle industry including sales, service, parts, finance, management and powersports training, he covers all things motorcycles and enjoys sharing valuable information to newcomers on two-wheels

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