Best Places to Ride Your Motorcycle During the Winter Season

Jake Robison - January 27, 2022

Bikers across the country spend the winter months waiting for warm weather to return. From there, they spend the pleasant spring, summer, and fall months riding to their hearts’ content. Then, cold weather inevitably regains its grip on much of the nation, bringing riding season to a screeching halt once again.


For millions of bikers, the frigid temperatures, bone-numbing wind, and winter precipitation mean riding season is over for a time. That leaves them chomping at the bit, waiting for more suitable weather to come back. Perhaps you’re one of the many bikers who suffer through that long, dreary stint of downtime during which stress and cabin fever can easily set in. If so, you may be wondering if there are places where you can ride even during the miserable winters.


Where to Ride During the Off Season


As you’re probably aware, winter doesn’t affect all of the country in quite the same way. Though snow takes over and bone-chilling temperatures set in early on in many areas, that’s not the case everywhere. Winter is barely noticeable in some corners of the nation. In other areas, winter weather doesn’t set in until December or January, and it’s gone by February or March.


All those places make for amazing winter road trips. With proper gear in tow and a reliable ride to get you there, you can take full advantage of those destinations. Read on to learn more about some of America’s best places for motorcycle rides during the winter season.


Florida Destinations


Florida is one of those portions of the United States that rarely sees any form of winter weather. That makes it an obvious destination for bikers. While the entire state offers a range of sights and attractions, some are more popular than others.


Daytona Beach is one of the most common places for motorcyclists to frequent during the winter months. While the area draws crowds all year long, the winter sees a bit less tourist traffic than the summer. March is a great time to venture down to the country’s southernmost state. Bike Week takes place during that month. So do the Daytona 200 and the Daytona TT at Daytona International Speedway.


Miami is also a popular area for wintertime tourists. From the sand, surf, and sun of South Beach and Haulover Beach to the incredible shopping opportunities at Lincoln Road and Ocean Drive, there’s plenty to do and see in Florida as much of the nation remains snowed under. Those are only a few of the tourist attractions in this state. Of course, you could also venture further down into the Keys.


California’s Cities and Coastline


California is also popular among bikers who are itching to escape the winter weather. Although its eastern mountainous regions are known for their great skiing, much of the state remains warm and pleasant all year long. Beachgoers tend to drift toward the Pacific Coast Highway for amazing views and taking in some much-needed UV rays.


Those who want to avoid the hassles of the state’s winter rainy season may want to opt for Southern California. It’s less prone to wet weather than the northern portion of the state. Los Angeles, San Diego, and Palm Springs are all perfect winter getaways. Historic landmarks, state parks, diverse shopping opportunities, and incredible dining experiences are only a few of the ways you could pass the time in these warm, sunny cities.


Having said all that, you could certainly take a break from the heat and enjoy a skiing excursion in Tahoe, Olympic Valley, Mammoth Lakes, and other inner areas of the state. Packing ski equipment into your saddlebags or motorcycle trailer isn’t exactly feasible, but you could always rent the necessary gear once you reach the ski resorts.


Keep in mind, getting to California from other states during the winter months could make for a treacherous trip. Be sure to check possible routes as well as the weather along the way. That way, you can plan the safest journey possible.


Texas Attractions


Some portions of Texas are often hit hard by winter weather, but others seem to be relatively immune to the changing seasons. If you’re looking for a warm and wonderful Texas getaway, areas south of the panhandle are your best bet. These include cities in the vicinity of the Gulf Coast, like Galveston, Houston, Corpus Christi, and Beaumont. All those cities hold a range of exciting attractions.


As is the case in Florida and California, the beaches are an obvious endpoint. They’re not the only alternatives, though. If you’re interested in exhilarating twists and turns, Texas Hill Country is the place to go. A trio of Ranch Roads in the area has become known as the Twisted Sisters because of their mountain-like curves. Of course, there’s also the Alamo in San Antonio.


Local state parks draw in numerous visitors. Frio Canyon Motorcycle Stop in Leakey and Lone Star Motorcycle Museum in Vanderpool may also catch your attention. While the southern half of Texas is warmer than many areas across the country during wintertime, temperatures there can still get a little chilly. Consider packing extra layers to wear under your leathers if you take a winter road trip to Texas.


A New Orleans Retreat


Party people rejoice because New Orleans is also a perfect wintertime destination. Fairly mild weather persists in this world-famous city even in the winter months. Amazing Creole and Cajun dishes and other southern delights await visitors all year long, but that’s only one of the reasons to visit New Orleans.


Jackson Square and the French Quarter can’t be missed; not to mention there are numerous other attractions throughout the city and its surrounding areas. If you’re considering a winter trip to New Orleans, though, February might be the best time to visit. Why is that the case? It’s annual Mardi Gras time, of course! What better way to enjoy a winter road trip than being part of one of the nation’s biggest parties?


Other Noteworthy U.S. Destinations


Those are a few of the possible stopping points for bikers looking to beat the winter blues, but several others also deserve honorable mention. North Georgia offers a popular biker destination known as Wolf Pen Gap. In this area, you can visit Brasstown Bald, Georgia’s tallest mountain.


You can also enjoy the incredible curves of Wolf Pen Gap Road that are sure to get your heart pumping. Along SR 60, you’ll find Two Wheels of Suches with cabins and camping areas to enjoy a quiet retreat. Motorcycles are more than welcome.


More thrilling mountain curves await visitors along Highway 28. This route takes you through Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina with breathtaking views of forests and the Appalachian Mountains. If you’re already out that way, be sure to ride the Tail of the Dragon and Deals Gap. You’ll find well over 300 impressive curves in a stretch of just 11 miles. These areas are prone to winter weather, though, so check the forecasts and road conditions before setting out.


Venturing Beyond the Borders


For some, a weekend trip or week-long winter vacation somewhere in the United States is all it takes to escape the cold-weather funk. Others need to place a bit more distance between themselves and winter’s dark grasp. If that’s the case for you, there’s no rule that says you have to stay in the country. Start getting your passport in order, and take a look at some blood-tingling outside-the-box destinations.


Making a Trip to Mexico


Mexico holds in store a long list of possible wintertime destinations. Winter is also the dry season across much of the country, so you won’t have to worry about constant rainstorms putting a damper on your trip. From the nightlife of Mexico City to the country’s amazing Aztec and Mayan ruins, there’s no end to the sights and experiences you could enjoy. Pack a tent and head down to Tijuana or navigate the renowned roads of Laguna de Labradores: the choice is yours.


An Australian Getaway


When it’s wintertime here, summertime is in full swing in Australia. This beautiful country also offers an endless list of sights to see. From indescribable scenery to wonderful indigenous wildlife, the possibilities are virtually endless. Australia caters to a range of motorcycle preferences as well. Whether you’re interested in dirt bike trails, riding the highways on a touring model, or anything in between, you’ll certainly find it.


Taking Your Motorcycle on an Overseas Vacation


Remember, planning for an overseas motorcycle adventure can be a bit tricky. After all, you can’t simply ride the bike to your destination. If you’d like to visit Australia, South Africa, or other popular wintertime riding havens, it’s best to plan your trip well in advance and budget accordingly.


You’ll need to arrange to have your bike shipped to your destination and pick it up once you get there yourself. Then, you’ll need to have the bike shipped back home and meet up with it back on American soil. Visit the provided link to learn more about your motorcycle shipping options.


Escaping the Cold with a Winter Motorcycle Getaway


Winter often brings an unwelcome end to the riding season. Still, you don’t have to put your bike in storage until more pleasant weather returns. You’ll find an abundance of wonderful destinations across the United States and abroad where the cold weather holds little power. Think about the places we’ve mentioned, and don’t hesitate to conduct further research to find the perfect place to escape the cold and keep riding season going all year long.




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