Benefits Of Riding A Motorcycle

American Motorcycle Trading Co. - June 10, 2021

People who don’t ride motorcycles rarely understand the benefits of biking. Instead, they focus on perceived disadvantages that don’t really explain why bikers love to ride. Even some experienced riders fail to grasp all the advantages of biking. Here are just a few of the many ways today’s bikers enrich their lives by riding.


Freedom is Always on Tap


Being a cager trapped in an SUV may be okay at times, but bikers know that riding a motorcycle provides an entirely different perspective on life. The cliché of loving the feeling of the wind on your face is certainly valid, but bikers also tend to feel more in control of their ride, which means getting to the destination is generally less important than the ride itself.


If you’re looking for a way to explore back roads or areas most four-wheeled vehicles can’t reach, riding a motorcycle is certainly the best option to consider. Most manufacturers offer bikes for a variety of riders’ styles, with options for commuting, long-distance rides, Sunday morning cruises, and adventure riding.


You’re Part of Nature, Not Just an Observer


When you’re driving a car, you’re an observer of nature. Cars are closed environments, with many drivers not even opening their windows. After all, the climate control system keeps a car’s interior at a nice, even temperature regardless of what’s happening outside. The sound system is all you hear, and it’s easy to miss important sites as you drift through a trip.


Bikers experience an entirely different world. You feel the sun, wind, and even sense when the humidity is changing. If it rains, everything changes. Put on a rain suit and keep going or pull over to wait out the storm? You make the decision. Riders also often observe more than their counterparts trapped in cages. You see those deer over to the right or that eagle soaring overhead.


Riding Benefits Your Health


One thing most riders don’t fully comprehend is that studies show there are health benefits riders enjoy. If you’re curious why riding a motorcycle is good for you, consider this: a recent study found that riding a bike requires making far more decisions, and making them faster, than when riding in a car.


So, why is that important? Increased brain activity is healthy. Constantly exercising your brain improves long-term cognition. In other words, riders are less likely to experience cognitive decline as they age.


At the same time, if you buy a motorcycle now, you’re likely to be happier. Riding is exhilarating, which means you feel better than might be possible riding in a cage all the time. Even if you’re depressed, just getting on a bike and going for a quick ride often makes people feel better off.


Bikes are Greener Than Most Cars


If you’re concerned about your environmental footprint, being greener is another of the many benefits of riding motorcycles. In most cases, bikes use less fuel than cars. Motorcycles also require fewer resources during the manufacturing process.


Most bikes also contain a lot of recyclable components. With so much plastic and other non-metal materials being used on new cars and trucks, there are many parts that can’t realistically be recycled. Even new EVs contain materials that are, at this point, difficult or impossible to recycle.


Making New Friends is Easy


Bikers of all kinds seek out other riders who enjoy the same type of riding or ride the same type of bike. There are clubs for long-distance riders, cruisers, and adventure riding everywhere. Even within a specific brand, there will be riders who focus on specific types of rides.


Riders also tend to help each other and become more like family members than just friends. In most cases, those friendships are not limited to riding time, and biker friends are there when they’re needed, regardless of the reason.


When You’re Ready to Upgrade


If a rider is exploring ways to improve their bike’s performance, fellow bikers are always there to provide suggestions. Whether it’s engine upgrades, improved suspensions, or even tire options, every group has riders who know how to boost engine performance and handling.


Buying a new high-performance car can be fun but doing so can be incredibly expensive. In addition, if you choose to upgrade that new car, the costs quickly become extreme. Bikes, on the other hand, are easier and less expensive to upgrade. That’s not to say upgrading your Harley’s engine will be cheap, but the prices are far lower than boosting the performance on a new Mustang or Camaro.


Commuting is More Fun!


Rush hour traffic is not generally regarded as fun but getting to work or back home can still be far more enjoyable on a bike than in a car. Many riders tend to choose surface streets rather than freeways when commuting on a bike. It’s often easier and faster, especially with lighter, more-agile bikes. A street bike like a Harley Forty-Eight, for example, might make a commute easier than a Road Glide Limited.


Riders who spend all day working in an office also like to be outside after breathing indoor air all day. The sun feels good, and fresh air is always nice. Even cool or rainy weather can provide a boost to a biker’s mood if they’re properly prepared for the ride. Do you really need another reason why you should ride a motorcycle?


Riding is Cheaper than Driving a Car


While there are some expensive motorcycles out there, their prices are pretty low when compared to the majority of today’s boring SUVs and minivans. In addition, most cars, SUVs, and even trucks depreciate faster than a quality motorcycle. Many riders find they save a lot of money by riding a motorcycle rather than buying another vehicle.


In addition to the initial cost, maintenance and insurance for four-wheel vehicles is higher than most riders pay. To make matters worse, it’s almost impossible to do much on a new car today, but motorcycle owners often find they can easily handle simple maintenance and repair chores at home.


Check out the prices for motorcycle lifts, jacks, and tire changing equipment. If you’re inclined to take on maintenance chores yourself, it’s far easier if you have one or more of those pieces of equipment. In most cases, maintenance chores can be handled without buying expensive specialty tools. Even if you do need a special tool for a specific maintenance chore, it might pay to buy it rather than taking a bike to the dealer.


If, on the other hand, you’d rather take your bike to a shop for maintenance, you may find the hourly labor rates still make properly taking care of your bike relatively cheap. Check out the labor rates at local shops and figure out which option works best for you.


Keeping Life Simple


Most new 4-wheel vehicles are incredibly complex, with many of them now requiring multiple on-board computers to manage the vehicle’s engine, transmission, climate control, and other systems. As more and more vehicles adopt new safety technology, the costs of ownership will certainly go up.


Bikes can also be complicated, but not to the degree most cars are. Engine management systems, drive-by-wire, and anti-lock braking systems require more technology, but bikes are still simple when compared to other modes of transportation. That may not seem to be important but consider being stuck on the side of the road during a weekend trip and requiring a part that’s not readily available. Most bike dealers carry commonly required components for the bikes they sell. New car dealerships often need to order parts.


Keep Learning New Skills!


Novice motorcycle riders tend to buy smaller bikes that are easy to handle because they simply don’t yet have the skills needed to safely operate larger, more-powerful bikes. As riders become more comfortable, they learn new skills. For example, even if a rider is relatively competent while on paved roads, they may lack the skills needed to traverse rough roads or go off-road.


Once a new skill is mastered, take the time to explore other types of riding and learn the skills necessary to master that type of riding. Riding schools are always available when you’re ready to take on new challenges. Even if you’re only interested in upgrading your skills for riding on public highways, check out the various courses offered by local dealerships or the Motorcycle Safety Foundation.


Now is the Time to Start Riding!


If you’re still not sure how to buy and learn to ride a motorcycle, start checking out the various buying options in your area. Dealers are always ready to help riders who are ready to buy a new motorcycle now decide which bike will best fit their needs and abilities.


In most cases, those dealers will also know where novice or experienced riders can improve their riding skills. Rather than trying to learn those skills on your own, find a local riding school that’s equipped to provide the type of training you need to get on the road quickly and safely.

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