6 Must Have Motorcycle Safety Gear Items

Jake Robison - October 20, 2021

The open road and a sense of adventure call many motorcycle enthusiasts to their bikes. When freedom is calling, it is imperative individuals wear and use the right safety gear items. Safety gear saves lives and should be an integral part of every biker’s lifestyle.

Practicing Safety on a Motorcycle

Most bikers know the importance of safety gear, but not everyone uses it every time they are on a bike. Ideally, a biker should be covered from head to toe in protective gear. There are at least six pieces of motorcycle safety gear that cannot be forgotten. To ensure a biker is staying safe at all times, they should consider practicing the following when going on a ride.

  • It never hurts to take a safety course and learn as much as possible about motorcycle safety. Even riders who have owned bikes for years can benefit.
  • Watch the weather. Do not head out when there is expected bad weather. If bad weather does strike, get to safety fast.
  • Bikers should inspect their motorcycles before taking off each time. An inspection could reveal problems that create safety issues.
  • Bikers need to make sure they are visible to others. One should not assume other drivers can see them.

Motorcycle riding benefits will be better enjoyed when a biker knows how to practice safety and wears the right gear. Safety should always come first and should be an integral part of any ride.

6 Must-Have Motorcycle Safety Gear Items

Safety issues ruin all the fun and should be avoided as much as possible when riding a motorcycle. The right gear needs to be protective, durable, and comfortable, to ensure a person will wear it every time they get on their bike. The following offers information that will help bikers know which pieces of safety gear are essential and why.

  1. Helmets

One of the most important pieces of gear for a motorcyclist is a helmet. Even if a state does not require a rider to wear a helmet, they should be worn. There are three basic types of helmets, including the following.

  • Full Helmets provide the most coverage and protection. These helmets come with a visor that can be flipped up and adjusted.
  • A ¾ Helmet is much like the full helmet but it does not offer the same level of face protection.
  • ½ helmets are often called “brain buckets”. These offer enough protection for the head but do not protect the face.

It is wise to measure carefully and ensure the right fit is achieved. Bikers should try on multiple helmet styles to see which one they prefer.

  1. Jackets

A jacket keeps riders protected from the sun and bugs. Some jackets also have a substantial protection in the arm and elbow areas, along with the shoulders, in case of an accident. They will sometimes help to prevent road rash.

Leather offers the greatest durability, but synthetic options may be preferred. The jacket should fit precisely and needs internal pockets to hold belongings.

  1. Pants

One of the most overlooked pieces of gear for bikers is pants. Many bikers just wear their jeans or other pants out of their closets, but these do not offer enough protection.

The right motorcycle pants should be heavily armored and should be ventilated. Leather and Kevlar are the best choices for materials.

  1. Riding Suits

Although many riders purchase their pants and jackets separately, some prefer a riding suit that can be worn alone or slipped over their street clothes.

Some people feel these suits offer more protection against wet weather. It is important a person chooses the right fit and ensures the suit is comfortable before they make a choice.

These suits offer varying degrees of protection. Some suits have armor panels that can be removed and adjusted to improve their protective level.

  1. Boots

Almost every biker knows the importance of having a good pair of boots. When choosing a good pair of riding boots, there must be extra ankle protection. A pair of sturdy and durable boots will help protect a rider’s ankles, should they have an accident.

Bikers need to make sure they choose boots that have interior laces since exterior laces can become entangled on the bike. Choose a thick leather that is double or even triple stitched.

  1. Gloves

This list of motorcycle safety gear would not be complete without a pair of gloves. Gloves are not just for comfort. They protect a rider’s hands in the event of a fall since a person’s natural inclination is to break a fall with their hands.

Leather is the material of choice, and the gloves should have ample padding in the fingers, knuckles, and on the back of the hand. The palm also needs protection.

Suit Up Before Every Ride

Suiting up with protective gear before each ride is essential. Yes, it does take time and it can sometimes be annoying to wear, but it is essential for protection.

By choosing gear with a perfect fit and a high level of comfort, riders will find they are much more content on a long ride. Bikers should carefully research their options and ensure the gear they are choosing has the highest rating for safety and protection.

For ease, many riders choose a riding suit because it takes care of many of their needs for protection. No matter which type of gear a biker chooses, safety and protection must always supersede style.


Riding down the road on a motorcycle is one of the most freeing experiences a person can have in life. The wind whipping by and the sights of nature passing bring welcome relief from the nine to five grind.

To ensure a ride is a safe one, motorcycle safety gear is an absolute must. This is not the time to try to save money and choose inexpensive gear.

The gear you purchase now is an investment into your future rides. Make sure you are protected with the very best so you can come home safely each time.



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